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A3 Contract specifications - Oslo Børs They have fixed lives and once they expire, they cease to exist. Less than 8.0; and 0.25 when the option premium exceeds or equals 8.0. Final trade time. End of MPS accessibility hours on the expiration date. Final registration.

CBOE - Options Quick Facts - Beyond the The final day that a futures contract may trade or be closed out before delivery of the underlying asset or cash settlement must occur. CBOE Execute Success. For equity options, the expiration date is the third Friday of the expiration month. The last day to trade expiring equity options is the.

Trade Date Definition Investopedia Every stock with listed options contracts expired in one of the following three fixed expiration cycles.1) January/April/July/October cycle,2) February/May/August/November cycle or3) March/June/September/December cycle. Click here to ask a question or discuss in more detail with fellow traders on the topics relating to options expiration dates. What is a 'Trade Date' A trade date is the month, day and year that an order is executed in the market. The trade date is when an order to purchase, sell.

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